Terry Mann is a composer, musical instrument maker and performer of early and folk music.

As a composer he has pieces performed at major contemporary music festivals around the world. His award-winning acoustic music has been performed by artists such as Joanna MacGregor, the Hilliard Ensemble and the Orlando Consort, and has been published by OUP and ABRSM.

As a maker, he has exhibited at various early and folk music festivals in Europe. His instruments can be ordered online direct (contact through this site), or through the Early Music Shop.

He is a multi-instrumentalist.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Finally for 2011...

The Mann family has left East London after many, many generations, and is now in the process of settling into village life in Cambridgeshire. The new (400-year-old) house has plenty of space, and room for a decent luthier workshop and composition studio. I shall remain silent for some time now as I start to set up everything and do the work necessary for both home and work. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Square Dances

The automated bell machine and score are finished, and rehearsals are well under way for Square Dances, with the choregrapher Rosemary Lee. It is being performed six times each day on Saturday 8th October and Sunday 9th October.

Venue and times:
Woburn Square WC1, 10.30am & 11.30am; 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm & 4.30pm

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Rosemary Lee's "Square Dances"

My current commission is for a piece for an automated bell machine (of my own making) for the fantastic British choreographer Rosemary Lee's Square Dances, for October 2011.  I last worked with her on the large-scale piece Common Dance in 2009, which involved 50 dancers and my music for large choir, sound score and a lone border piper.  I relish these unusual commissions.  Here is a short film from the Guardian made during the making of Common Dance.