Terry Mann is a composer, musical instrument maker and performer of early and folk music.

As a composer he has pieces performed at major contemporary music festivals around the world. His award-winning acoustic music has been performed by artists such as Joanna MacGregor, the Hilliard Ensemble and the Orlando Consort, and has been published by OUP and ABRSM.

As a maker, he has exhibited at various early and folk music festivals in Europe. His instruments can be ordered online direct (contact through this site), or through the Early Music Shop.

He is a multi-instrumentalist.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Long Silence...

... has been due to a year of settling in, building, organising and making connections. 

I'm now accompanying for dance classes for Adèle Thompson, the Dance Artist in Residence at Queen's College Cambridge; repairing woodwind for Millers Music in Cambridge (and others); have exhibited at the Early Music Exhibition in Greenwich in November 2012; had a piano piece published by ABRSM last autumn; and have a new commission for a choral piece using the writings of Hildegard of Bingen for the North Hertfordshire Guild of Singers to take to Bingen in Germany later this year.

Visit the luthier side of my site to see the developments there.